Panne has stood for the highest quality in production for more than 60 years. Customers appreciate on one hand the strong diversification of the Panne product range and on the other hand the first-class production processes. In addition to conventional production facilities, Panne also has state-of-the-art CNC-controlled punching and press lines.

Quality starts with advice

Our customers appreciate our speed in order processing and our high degree of adherence to delivery dates. We can also react very quickly and flexibly to special requests.

A dedicated team of employees will accompany you from the initial consultation, through development and production, right up to delivery, and we will also be happy to advise you afterwards.

Panne's employees are particularly strong in this "discipline" and therefore have an excellent reputation beyond many national borders. Their advice combines state-of-the-art technical know-how, knowledge of current requirements and years of experience.

Customer satisfaction as a benchmark

When are customers satisfied? When service and quality are right.

At Panne, a high degree of flexibility is as much a part of the service as the combination of proven and new technology.

In addition, there are employees who are continuously trained and who take one perspective above all in their daily work: that of the customers with their very specific requirements. Another virtue is also part of the daily work routine: reliability - in deadlines, in the process and above all in quality!